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Want a peak into what we are vibing on at Seek Well? Welcome to the Things We Love! 

Every book, podcast, video and basically anything coffee...we have personally vetted. We absolutely love them and think you will too.

May they help you chase after the King!


Our Favorite Podcast

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Alabaster Co.

The Beautiful Bible

Cory Asbury

The Father's House

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The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

Friends, John Mark Comer has written the book on all things slowing down. It is simply a game changer. Pick it up now and learn to let your soul rest.

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Walking with God

This book is a staple at every Refresh and Encourage. Simply put, if you want to learn how to listen to the voice of God, this is the book for you.  One word of advice, read this slowly!

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Silence and Solitude

Ruth Haley Barton is the founder of the Transforming Center. Her book on Silence and Solitude is inspirational and practical as she leads us through rediscovering deep connection with God.

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Driftaway Coffee

Our Favorite Beans!

We. Love. Coffee. And, we love Driftaway. Their beans are sustainably farmed and they do business the right way. Best of all, you'll get amazingly fresh beans delivered right to your door. How good is that?!

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Moments that changed us

Need to Breathe - LIVE

By Created Co.

The Great Outdoors

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