The Daily Rhythm

Hope - A two week listening experience


Let's just put it out there - in this season it can feel difficult to be hopeful. There is a mess of things happening around us and hope is in short supply. But the truth is we need hope - for our bodies and our souls. It's absolutely critical for our emotional and spiritual health.

Hope is the anticipation and expectation that God will move in the future. It is trusting that He is working for good and resting in His faithfulness, even when we can't see clearly. To experience hope, we must turn our attention away from the weariness of this season towards what God wants to do in and through us.

For the next two weeks we are going to camp out in Isaiah 40 - 43, focusing on two elements of hope. First, remembering who God is - His faithfulness, sovereignty and power. And second, the hope He gives through His son Jesus and the transformative work He wants to do in our hearts.

Join us as we listen for hope, together.


Everything in Him

The Daily Rhythm

How does it work?

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Five Elements

A Deeper Look

There are five elements to the daily rhythm: Settling, Prayer, Scripture, Listening and Journaling. Each require some practice and discipline. Over time they create a rhythm with Jesus that transforms the soul.

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Take a Rest


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We believe that gratitude is the gateway to joy. If we want to live life fully, we must learn to see things from His perspective. Take time to remember the faithfulness of God.

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