Are all experiences at Haven?

All of our Refresh and Encourage experiences in Michigan are at Haven. Tim and Kelli have finished construction on their modern farmhouse, carefully shaping the land for you to slow down and learn to listen to God. They graciously allow us to use Haven for Refresh and Encourage.

We have partnered with Barn 45 to host our ONE DAY experiences. They are an incredible partner and have developed a really special environment that is just perfect for a day of rest and listening.

What’s the difference between Refresh and Encourage?
Refresh is our series of experiences for men and Encourage is for women. Each teach the same truths, handcrafted to speak to each gender in their language. Both require a one year commitment.

Who are these experiences for?
Our experiences are designed for Christians between the ages of 25 and 60. One Day is open to the public and is offered several times a year. Refresh and Encourage follow an application process due to the limited number of spots available.  

How do I sign up for Refresh or Encourage?
We will announce new groups as they open. At that time we will open an application period. When groups open up you can apply and our team will help you determine if you are a good fit for the experience. You can also email us and let us know you are interested in a future group.

Why an application process?
We have developed this process for the protection of each group. We limit each Refresh and Encourage group to 10 participants. We intentionally keep the groups small in each Experience to allow for authentic relationships, transparency, and maximum community building. As such, it is critical that everyone in each group is ready to take their relationship with Jesus to the next level. We are not looking for perfect people. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We are looking for desperate people willing to jump in head first on the journey with Jesus and let him speak to them right where they are.

When are the Experiences?
One Day will be held at various times over the year, usually in late spring and early fall. Each Refresh and Encourage experience consist of four unique events wrapped up into one calendar year (e.g. Feb, May, August, and October). We will announce additional dates as new groups open. In general, each Experience will be 3-4 months apart.

How long are each of the Experiences?
One Day is a 10 hour experience.

Each Refresh and Encourage experience is 48-hours in length, spread out over a two night stay at Haven.

What if I can’t make all four Refresh or Encourage experiences?
We completely understand scheduling… it can be tough. That is why we have designed each experience to last only 48-hours. If you cannot make one of the four experiences, we ask that you select a future group that may fit your schedule at a later time. It is critical that you attend each of the four dates. As such, we ask for a commitment up front that you can attend each experience.

How much do your experiences cost?
Our current pricing for One Day is $69.

Refresh and Encourage experiences cost $199 each (or $796 total). This includes food, lodging, materials and a bunch of other fun stuff along the way. We believe it's a bargain and have done our best to make it affordable to anyone who wants to chase after Jesus with us. 

What if I can't afford one of your experiences?

Our goal is to make it possible for anyone who wants to come to an experience. We have a financial assistance program for those who may need a little help. Please don't let cost stand in the way of applying. 

What do I need to bring?

We will email you a short list of items to bring for each experience. However, you can probably pack everything that’s needed within an hour.

What about food?
We have you covered. Food is included with the cost of each Experience. Feel free to bring any snacks that you can’t live without. But beyond your Oreo’s®, you’re all set! BTW – we know how to eat well too!

How do I dress?
Michigan weather is often unpredictable. Dress for the weather because it’s 100% likely you will spend the vast majority of the day outdoors.

What about food allergies?
We will do our best to accommodate food allergies. Please let us know in advance and we will plan accordingly.

Will there be bugs?
Lots of them. Plan on it. Get over it. Embrace it.