Learn to seek well, together

Encourage is a one year journey with 10 women to a deeper relationship with Jesus. It’s a series of experiences designed to let you rest, enter in to the silence and learn to live with a new rhythm.

We believe that we all get tired; we all get weary. So often, we refuse to do anything about it.  We go from one activity to the next, pushing the limits of our schedule; refusing to slow down. In the process, our faith becomes weak and our resolve is tested.

What if we slowed down? What if we intentionally moved to a different pace? What if we learned to live fast and slow?

At Encourage, we’ll teach you how to find balance. You’ll discover what it takes to live a life full of freedom and purpose. The best part is you won’t do it alone. We will be with you, every step of the way.

Adventure with us and learn to be still, listen and Seek Well.

Group 5

Application Period Closed

We have officially closed the application period for Group 5. If you want us to let you know when the next group forms please subscribe to our email list.


Group 5 Experience Dates

Every 3 months you'll come to Haven for a unique experience designed to teach you how to engage deeply with God. In order to be accepted into Encourage you must commit to attend each of these experiences.

Experience One: September 10-12, 2021

Experience Two: February 4-6, 2022

Experience Three: May 6-8, 2022

Experience Four: August 5-7, 2022

The Details

Four Experiences

Every three months you'll come to Haven for a new 48 hour experience. Over the course of one year we will focus on four key themes: how to listen to Jesus, discovering who He created you to be, identifying the lies of the enemy and how to dream again. You'll experience rest, adventure, great community and encouragement for your soul.


The Cost

$796 for the year. This includes your food, lodging at Haven, materials, adventures and a few surprises along the way. All you need to do is get yourself to Haven and we'll take care of the rest.

Participants pay in two installments, half before the first experience and half before the third.



Encourage is designed for women in their mid-twenties to mid-fifties. We are looking for women desperate for a change and desire to chase after Jesus with all their heart. To ensure great group dynamics, we have an application process. It's not long or crazy. But we want to know you are a good fit and can commit to the entire one year journey.

Currently Unavailable

Delaney's Story

Identity Crisis


Encourage has been, easily, the best spiritual experience of my adult life. It's something my soul didn't know it was longing for.

Delaney in Michigan

Encourage had been monumental in my walk with Jesus.  It has shown me the power of intentionally making space to hear God clearly. Seek Well helped me to be more sensitive to His leadings, and to recognize His voice. I have been deeply changed through the journey and community of Seek Well.

Christina in Michigan