Haven - a refuge for men and women



    When we began Seek Well, we dreamed of a place that was all our own. A hallowed piece of land that we could get away to be still and listen.

    On a spring Refresh, God spoke the words “dream bigger” to Tim. He gave him a vision, a picture in his mind of exactly the land he had for us. A track of land that would allow us to invite others into this deeper journey of getting away. A space where we could run and be free. It was to be our land used for His purpose.

    After months of searching, we discovered the little town of Hanover, Michigan. There tucked away on Horseshoe lake was a 46 acre plot of land for sale. We decided to take a fall drive with the kids to check it out. As we came over the hill in the gravel drive way, Tim said, “this is it.” We had not even seen the property but he knew we were home. It was exactly the picture God put in his mind that Spring.  

    As we explored the property for the first time the vision came alive. God whispered the word “Haven” to Kelli. We could see it in our mind – a big beautiful white farmhouse with a beach. We could see a fire pit out back and a dock for the boat and kayaks. We imagined a disc golf course and hiking trails. And most importantly, plenty of space for listening.

    Three months later we bought that land. To say that God worked in the process would be a massive understatement. He provided the exact property for the exact price we could afford.

    Now the dream is coming true. We are in the process of making this property come alive. In the Spring of 2019 we will begin construction on a modern farmhouse for you to relax with a lakeside environment to evoke your sense of adventure. With the help of our tribe, we will groom the land to give you space to be still and connect with the one who created you. And we will do it all for one reason – you need it.

    We believe that listening changes everything and we are creating a space for you to experience the One who loves you most. This place will be a Haven for you to Refresh your soul – a safe place for you to be Encouraged.

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