I sat up in bed, that sleepy feeling still in my eyes, and looked out at the lake; it was gone. Crazy to think that overnight an entire body of water could seemingly just disappear. It took a minute for...
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The world is asking me to operate like a supercomputer - to process all of the information thrown at me in real time, quickly evaluate and consistently make great decisions. Worse yet - the internet assumes that my brain is adapting to the speed at which technology now operates and that I can keep up. And for the most part my brain can… or so it seems.

But I’m discovering that my soul cannot. My soul is not a supercomputer. This tension is creating some combination of anxiety and holy discontent within me and I can no longer ignore it.

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Free and Light. I remember the first time I heard those words. I was at a spiritual retreat center trying to figure out my life. Juggling a fast moving career, relationships, my poor health and family felt like I was carrying a 50lb rock uphill. And it was working as well as you can imagine. I didn't even know what free and life meant. 

“Am I tired?” Check. 

“Am I worn out?” Check. 

“Am I burned out on religion?” Double Check. 

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As I watched, I shook my head and said “really?”. I was royally ticked. We have been planning this Refresh for almost a year. We have prayed over these guys, fasted for them and have had countless hours planning this experience. In my mind I was thinking “and you can’t stop the rain for a day?”

Then, in that still small voice, Jesus  said to me, “am I not in the rain?


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2019 has been nothing short of incredible for us at Seek Well!  As we look back on this past year, we can’t help but feel gratitude for all that God has done in and through the lives of those He’s...
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