The Fog by Kelli Shelton

The Fog by Kelli Shelton

I sat up in bed, that sleepy feeling still in my eyes, and looked out at the lake; it was gone. Crazy to think that overnight an entire body of water could seemingly just disappear. It took a minute for my thoughts to settle on what was actually happening. But as I kept staring, sure enough, the lake was gone. Everything was enveloped in this fog and you couldn't see where the land ended or the sky started.

I threw on my shoes and ran out the door to take a few pictures. We’ve owned this refuge we call Haven for a few years now and I have never seen the lake like this.  It was surreal. 

After capturing a photo of this wild anomaly, I sat down on the porch, still in awe of the scene in front of me. I kept staring into this fog, knowing that the lake was there; I just couldn’t see it. 

A few minutes passed and I began to settle. I started to realize that this is a holy moment. Then I heard Jesus speak, right there in the fog.

“Kelli, is the lake there?” 

I laughed to myself, “of course it was; it’s just not visible in the fog.” 

He asked me, “How do you know it's there?”

I snapped back at the seemingly silly question. “Because, God, every time I’ve ever looked out at the lake, it’s been there. I have a million pictures of it - a history of being there, day in and day out. Even if I can’t see it, I know it is there.” 


In the midst of a global pandemic God was reminding me that even if I can’t see Him, He’s there. Like the lake, He doesn’t just go away. And regardless of my current circumstances He is still good and still faithful. My life story is proof - He has never left me and has been with me in every dark season I’ve faced. This cultural moment is no different.

I think in this season, a lot of us feel like we are walking in a fog. We are fighting for anything normal or the way we used to live. So many of us are grieving, even if we don’t know it. 

I’ll admit, it’s super uncomfortable, sitting in the unknown, not knowing what’s going to happen or how things will unfold. It’s hard to not feel in control, even if we were never really in control in the first place. 

But friend, don’t forget, in the midst of such chaos God is still faithful. He has not left you. He can be trusted.

Sometimes, we have to remember what He has already done, to know that He is walking with us in the hardest of seasons. 

So walk out confidently into the fog with me; into the unknown.

(cue Frozen 2). 


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