Sit Still by Josh Collesano

Sit Still by Josh Collesano

When was the last time you sat still? No really. Try and think about it.  Just...still.

No distractions; Just you, your mind, your soul, with nothing to do except to BE there.

Sounds…boring, right? 

no phone

nothing to look at 

nothing to watch

or even read (or skim-read amiright?) 

no mindless scrolling 

no dopamine hits. 

Modern humanity has a hard time when there’s nothing to do. Call it the advancement in technology and information delivery, call it goldfish-like attention spans, call it shiny things and entertainment, maybe even go so far as to call it distraction; but no matter what name it’s given, it’s all a derivative of one thing; 


Our ancestors didn’t have this problem; Jesus didn’t have his problem. He regularly went away to be with The Father and to be still. 

to linger…..

Psalm 37:7 tells us “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him…”

Most mornings I think we all hit the ground running… maybe not always physically but in our souls.

This morning, as I took time to settle before opening up the Bible, I closed my eyes and took a few intentional breaths; then I asked God “what does my soul need right now? What does it need in this moment so that at the end of today when I look back I can say it was a truly good day?”

You know what I heard? 

Your soul needs to linger here for a little while” 

So I did. I lingered... 

I can’t exactly tell you what happened during those moments; but I can tell you how it felt: 


Like truly being at home



Just like it ought to feel in the presence of Jesus.

When I opened my eyes I realized ten minutes had passed; it felt like two

When was the last time you lingered somewhere to just appreciate the moment for what it is? A pause for your soul, and the chance for it to catch up with your mind and your body. I believe that these are the moments in which God speaks; not in the loud and hurried, but in the still and quiet. 


If you’re anything like me then you probably need a prompt or a reminder; so we created a brand new wallpaper/lock screen for your phone below.


i phone wall paper

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